The ring was given and planning commenced. Now a wedding sits waiting, and sparks fly with future decisions. It’s true that Jamie and Dave have a lot to do, and even apart from the wedding, an entire lifetime is ahead. But during the engagement session, Jamie and Dave paused to focus on the now. It’s their love that matters. Their being together. That is the reason for the day itself. This engagement session, like all others, show no wedding dress, no guest list, no caterer’s bill. Though we love to see those things come together, we also love to see the prequel to the big day. Jamie and Dave’s engagement session was just a good time spent outdoors on a beautiful day in the midst of a wonderful love.

There were moments when the couple sat, relaxed in rockers, and their sweet dog smiled between them. On a bridge, they stood bright with sunshine. On a walk they were hidden, surrounded by towering trees, yet Jamie and Dave stayed the course together. Marriage isn’t always as easy as staying on a path, but perhaps it could be. Perhaps if love was allowed to lead, when the honeymoon is over, we could remember that life comes at us. Oh, how much better when we’re holding hands with the one we love. Thanks to Jamie and Dave for reminding us.

These photos seem to whisper: If you trip, I will catch you. 

I love being by your side. 

Grateful, excited for the adventure ahead, I step with you.

A casual beauty resides deep in the earth as Jamie and Dave continue. Snuggled on a bench. Grounded on mulch, the site of their wedding taking over the background of this day. Excitement loomed, but Jamie and Dave rested on unmovable rocks.

We know that in just under one year, Jamie and Dave will be back with their families and friends. They will stand at Hidden Hollow Farm again, dressed up and ready for celebration. And we’ll be there too, excited for the all decisions made, especially the one that solidifies the path. Two people as one, everything summed up in two small words.


Hidden Hollow Farm Engagement Session | Jamie + Dave | Indianapolis Engagement Photographer

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