Every business owner will tell you that referrals are the best kind of business. The client has a sense of trust before they meet you since someone put their name on the line by recommending you. This is especially true with Maddie & Josh. Josh is the brother of one of the venue coordinators that […]

Coxhall Gardens Engagement | Maddie & Josh

August 16, 2019


  When you join a sorority you expect to become close with those in your house. The word “sister” is used to describe the relationships that are built within the walls of the house. Part of that sisterhood extends to those who were in the same sorority as you but not always at the same […]

Katie & George: Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion Wedding

July 11, 2019


  Teaching and protecting. These two things are cornerstones to moving us forward.  That’s what these two do. Sara teaches our youth and Turner protects all of us. Hard to imagine life without people who do these things. We met up with them at The Village of West Clay which has a ton of awesome […]

Sara & Turner : Carmel Engagement Session

June 5, 2019


A few years back we went through a re-branding. During that process the decision was made to not only change the colors, logo, look/feel of the company but also the name. The name that stood out was what you see today with Vow & Forever. The forever part in particular resonated since the photos that […]

More Than Just A Name

April 22, 2019


What happens when two people get married?  A lot of things actually but one of thing that stands out and is the creation of a new family. This is where it starts. Kind of like when a seed falls off a flower and over time with care and effort a new beginning arises. A marriage […]

Romie & Cody: Sycamore At Mallow Run Wedding

March 1, 2019