Sarah and Matt met at work. Now, if you think that sounds like the beginning of an ordinary romance, you haven’t met this couple or seen the loving way they look at each other. They started on the same team at work; now they’ve decided to be on the same team for life. What blossomed in an everyday setting is now the extraordinary beginning of a lifetime shared. This is the kind of love that can even overcome the fact that Sarah is a Colt’s fan while Matt roots for the Packers.

Sarah and Matt’s engagement pictures were taken in downtown Indianapolis, on the canal. This is a favorite place they like to escape to together, to go for a run or just wander, hand in hand, as they look forward to their future. Even though it’s in the heart of the city, the setting seems miles away from everyday life, as though they are in a world of their own. In their engagement photos, this couple seems to be traveling together through their own private landscape, from sunshine to shadow, under the grandeur of willow trees or framed by elegant stonework. As the glassy water slides by or you glimpse the city rising in the background, still the most beautiful element is their eyes, meeting each other’s in love.

The wedding will also take place downtown, at The Mavris Arts and Event Center. Matt, a huge Michael Jordan fan, is excited that the day of the wedding happens to be Jordan’s birthday. One look at his face in these pictures makes it clear, though, that his full attention is going to be on his beautiful bride that day, no matter whose birthday it is. It’s going to be a perfect day, full of the love these two have for each other.

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The ring was given and planning commenced. Now a wedding sits waiting, and sparks fly with future decisions. It’s true that Jamie and Dave have a lot to do, and even apart from the wedding, an entire lifetime is ahead. But during the engagement session, Jamie and Dave paused to focus on the now. It’s their love that matters. Their being together. That is the reason for the day itself. This engagement session, like all others, show no wedding dress, no guest list, no caterer’s bill. Though we love to see those things come together, we also love to see the prequel to the big day. Jamie and Dave’s engagement session was just a good time spent outdoors on a beautiful day in the midst of a wonderful love.

There were moments when the couple sat, relaxed in rockers, and their sweet dog smiled between them. On a bridge, they stood bright with sunshine. On a walk they were hidden, surrounded by towering trees, yet Jamie and Dave stayed the course together. Marriage isn’t always as easy as staying on a path, but perhaps it could be. Perhaps if love was allowed to lead, when the honeymoon is over, we could remember that life comes at us. Oh, how much better when we’re holding hands with the one we love. Thanks to Jamie and Dave for reminding us.

These photos seem to whisper: If you trip, I will catch you. 

I love being by your side. 

Grateful, excited for the adventure ahead, I step with you.

A casual beauty resides deep in the earth as Jamie and Dave continue. Snuggled on a bench. Grounded on mulch, the site of their wedding taking over the background of this day. Excitement loomed, but Jamie and Dave rested on unmovable rocks.

We know that in just under one year, Jamie and Dave will be back with their families and friends. They will stand at the barn at Bay House Inn again, dressed up and ready for celebration. And we’ll be there too, excited for the all decisions made, especially the one that solidifies the path. Two people as one, everything summed up in two small words.


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It is the morning of her wedding and we begin with the elegance of a bride and her gown hung on a mirror. A smile hints at immensity. Marriage is big. Lauren then sits by the window, comfortable, hair and makeup done, no jewelry yet. It’s the intimate moments that ring especial. She reads a handwritten letter from Adam.  Her closest friends are near, and her mom, to lend the biggest congratulations. They help her attend to the dress, fastening buttons and ensuring perfection. Lauren, next to her bridesmaids in navy, shoots royalty from her smile. One radiant beauty surrounded by bold color. Tied into her bouquet are the whites and light pinks of pale roses. Their softness in Lauren’s grip whispers peace to the day. The groom always gets ready faster. Adam is dressed, lounging with those closest to him,  on a sofa, and flashing a smile and fun from his socks.

The church’s windows are the gorgeous stained glass of a Gothic catholic church. Indianapolis’s Sacred Heart, it is named and rightly it brings awe and is just perfect for a wedding ceremony. Guests are seated, Adam waits for Lauren. These are the last moments before the ceremony, angels literally keeping guard as the couple reunites and vows to change the world forever.The couple is wed in tradition and exits at the epic applause of generations in pews. In the front of Lauren and Adam, a doorway opens to heavenly rays.

Onward to a party in a vineyard, The Sycamore at Mallow Run, where we photograph in nature’s bounty of grapes and greenery. The faint of blue under a sun so bright, clouds puffy in excellent white. This is the sky ahead, a wonderful omen for the union begun. Lauren’s veil, like wings of her own, shines translucent in the air. A love has grown and still grows. A sweet playfulness arrives. Tradition is not gone, but extended to the reception of a lifetime. Needless to say this was an emotional day for many reasons, but still celebration resounds and dancing quickly commences. With plates set, food out for snacking, the room fills with guests ready to feast and toast, and as the sun sets over the vines outside, a ball of glowing orange acts as a reminder to cherish each moment. Coming to a close, safely sheltered by the height of exposed beams and the sacredness of hearts bonded.

Biggest love to you, Lauren and Adam. Truly, only the best.


Vendor Team:

Planner: JScot Reid

Venue: Sycamore at Mallow Run

Catering: Sweet & Savory

Rings: Diamonds Direct

Hair/Makeup: E.L.O. Beauty

Floral: Coby Palmer

Dress: Blue House Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Vow to be Chic

Video: ME Productions



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It’s hard to say if Jenny or Bob ever expected to be here again, surrounded by family and friends, vowing their love to another. They met as widower and widow, each knowing the shock of losing a beloved spouse at too young an age. But they made it through to find each other, and have once again pledged to put love and honor above all.

The ceremony, held at the Palomino Ballroom in Zionsville, was not just a gathering of two families, but a blending of them. Jenny and Bob’s respective children stood with them as maid of honor and best man. Those in attendance sat together in chairs adorned with glossy purple bows to witness Jenny and Bob speaking their vows, and together they stood to applaud the happy couple on their way back down the aisle. Generations of family who had been with them on life’s journey turned out to embrace the newlyweds in their newest moment of happiness.

In many ways, for Jenny and Bob it was a return to their roots. Bob grew up here; not just in the Indianapolis area, not just in Zionsville, but almost across the street from the ballroom where the ceremony took place. Jenny did not spend her childhood quite so close to the venue, but in a stroke of coincidence (or Fate creating an interesting new take on the circle of life), her new married name is the same as her first one. We wish these two so much happiness as they embark on this next chapter of this crazy thing called life.




Venue: Palomion Ballroom

Hair/Makeup: Splash Hair and Make-up Salon

Flowers: Union Street Flowers

Bridesmaids Dresses: JJ House

DJ: Coppermoon Entertainment

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As a photographer, it’s always an honor for close friends and relatives to ask that I capture meaningful moments in their lives. When a lifelong family friend, Katie, asked me to do her engagement photos, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Since Katie’s fiance, Alex, works for a racing team, he travels quite a bit. Despite his frequent travel and their limited time together, a strong connection has kept them going. In fact, Alex almost had to reschedule their first date but worked it out in the end. He was able to charm his way into Katie’s life over the taco dinner he made. In honor of that fateful date, he planned his proposal accordingly: over taco dinner.

However, the proposal didn’t happen without a nod of approval from Katie’s dad and brothers. Having won over not just her heart but her family as well, it’s no wonder she said yes when Alex finally popped the question.

When the day of the shoot finally arrived, mother nature threw us a curve ball in the form of some storms.  For a moment, it made me think about their first date, when it almost didn’t work out but he was able to come through in the last-minute. And just like that near miss on their first date, the storms that could’ve spoiled the photo shoot passed quickly. We resumed the shoot under some of the most incredible sunlight. It was the perfect setting for capturing the energy between the two of them.

We are so excited for their wedding this December at JLH Wedding Barn and have our fingers crossed for some perfectly falling snowflakes!

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