Like true love, the perfect day for a photo shoot is sometimes hard to find. But it is worth the wait for just the right person, and just the right day. Erin and Josh are a couple who were able to find both, and the joy they show as they look at each other makes it all worthwhile.

Although Erin and Josh were excited to take their engagement photos, the weather was not cooperating. This photo shoot had to be rescheduled a few times while we waited for better conditions. Once the perfect day arrived, they were happy to get out in the fresh air and show their love under trees that were bright with autumn colors. The cozy atmosphere of falling leaves and cozy jackets only added to the bubble they are in, wrapped up in each other and their future together.

As they walk through falling leaves or sit on steps with their arms entwined, it’s easy to see the comfort and devotion between these two. Their eyes are drawn to each other, and they make each other laugh. Taking pictures of a couple that is so at ease with each other is a treat.

As Erin and Josh share whispered exchanges and then walk away, hand-in-hand, into all the wonder and possibility of a cultural district like Mass Ave, they are on their way into the adventure of a life together. Their wedding will be next year, at the stunning Indiana Roof Ballroom. Although they can’t wait for that day, in the meantime Erin and Josh will enjoy each other, the beauty around them, and the rewards of waiting for just the right one.


Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Session | Erin & John | Vow & Forever

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