No one knows when love will find you. We all wonder about it. We all hear about chance encounters at the grocery store, falling for someone we work with, or even that blind date that neither party wanted to go on but were glad they did. We even hear about falling in love at the chiropractor’s office. Whoa. Wait. Where? Yes, you read that correctly and if you have any doubt ask Audra and Abby and they will gladly tell you all about it. In fact, they do tell you a lot about their love in pictures.

Holiday Park in Indianapolis was the perfect backdrop for the telling of their love story. This along with the choice of The Barn at Kennedy Farm as their wedding venue speaks of this couples love of the outdoors. Each engagement photo speaks of the warmth and security this couple feels in being together. Each photo is rich in the symbols of their love.

The tall evergreen seems to speak of eternal love, always green, always fresh, always there.

Sitting on the strong branch of a majestic tree speaks of support, trust, and strength to weather any storm.

Photos in front of the historic ruins in the park speak of romance and enduring love.

Walking hand in hand through the fallen leaves speaks of lightness and fun.

Each photograph thoughtfully planned, each embrace, kiss, and smile spontaneously evoked. The perfect collection of who this couple is and what their life together will be built upon.


Holliday Park Engagement Session | Indianapolis Engagement Photography | Audra & Abby

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