2016-02-02_0005 This is such an exciting time of year for couples……can you feel it???  Romance is in the air!  Is he going to pop the question?  What will the ring look like?  And, most importantly, HOW is he going to do it?  So many brides were proposed to underneath the mistletoe this past holiday and at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve…and, of course, the biggest LOVE holiday of them all right around the corner!  This is such an excited time for us at Vow & Forever too because WE get to hear all of YOUR engagement stories….let me tell you, there has been a tear or two shed in some of our meetings…I’ll admit it!  There truly is something special about watching a newly engaged bride share her story…there is a bigger smile on her face and an extra twinkle in her eye.  So, in honor of this engagement season, we asked a few of our 2015 Vow & Forever brides to share with us, once again, their special story.  Grab a tissue…..

Vow & Forver


Vow & Forver

Our first couple is Michael & Jennifer and this Vow & Forever bride shares her story,

“It was Saturday, November 15, 2014 and Michael and I had planned on going to the Butler basketball game because a coworker of mine had given us tickets.  Michael’s brother was coming to town that weekend and we were all headed to the Colts/Patriots game that next day.  Michael told me we had to pick up a ticket for his brother from someone we needed to meet at the Indianapolis Art Museum before the Butler game.  The “ticket person” was running late so we decided to walk around the grounds until they got there.  After a few minutes, Smooch (our dog) all of a sudden came running towards us with a sign on that said “Will you marry my dad?” and the rest is history!”

If you have been to the IMA grounds, you understand how amazing “just a walk” could be.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Vow & Forver


Vow & Forver

Our second story comes from Eli & Hilary, seriously, grab the tissue…….

“In order to accurately tell the story of my engagement, you have to know about our first date. Our first date was a double date that went horribly, Eli and I did not hit it off in the least. Our second date came a year after the first, it was a year later and Eli drove down to Bloomington from Indianapolis to take me to the movies. When I got in his car, I instantly smelled something fantastic! I told him, and he opened the little compartment underneath the cassette player to reveal a plastic cup. “Do you want some flan?” he asked. We both burst out laughing. We ended up having an amazing date, complete with Burger King (so he could ensure I wasn’t a gold digger, of course), Pirates of the Caribbean 4, talking until well after midnight, and a goodnight kiss.  Fast forward 4 years, Eli and I were going strong! My cousin had recently moved to Paris (horrible, right?!), so we decided to visit her. I had a feeling Eli would propose to me on this trip and who could resist getting engaged in the city of love? What I didn’t expect was him to do it the first night of our trip. We had just eaten dinner in one of the oldest restaurants in the city. Afterwards, I exclaimed that I wanted to go to Le Pont des Artes, more commonly known as the Lock Bridge. I had bought a lock for us to place on the bridge and excited to find the perfect spot for it. After scouring the bridge for 10 minutes, I found the perfect place. I asked Eli if I could place it there and he kept telling me to wait. I was beginning to get impatient when he told me I could go ahead. When I stood up, we could see the Eiffel Tower begin to sparkle in the evening sky. Eli turned to me and pulled a piece of flan out of his pocket. I instantly began to cry, knowing what he was about to ask. He dropped to one knee and I honestly don’t even remember what he said. I just waited for a pause in his speech and nodded yes.”  What is more romantic than Paris,The Lock Bridge & FLAN????
Way to go, Eli….you really set the bar with this fairy tale!

Ryan Woodall Photography

Ryan Woodall Photography

And last but not least, Tyler & Tara.  This story truly one for the books…..

“The day of of MY SURPRISE for TYLER had finally come. He was working with his dad on the farm while I lounged at the pool at my parent’s house with a friend. Chit chatting away it was 20 minutes before Tyler was supposed to arrive at my parents to leave and I hadn’t showered to get ready or anything….Typical Tara fashion. I hurry up to get ready and of course was ready 5 minutes after I had told him we needed to leave. We left and I drove us to Greencastle Airport for “MY SURPRISE FOR TYLER.” Knowing he will be bummed that we weren’t jumping out I was still hoping he liked HIS SURPRISE. Of course, we pulled up and he excitedly said “Are we jumping?” I say “No, sorry, but we are flying for a bit!”  In flight we flew over Heritage Lake, where we grew up boating with our friends, North Putnam High School, Roachdale (Tylers hometown where his family was out in the yard waving at us), Russellville (my hometwon where my family was out in the yard), and Raccoon Lake.  JR(the pilot) then asked if we could land on the outskirts of my small hometown on a grass landing where they used to hang their plane. Of course I am go with the flow and say “sure why not, it isn’t everyday you land on a grasslanding.” (Falling right into their trap of TYLERS SURPRISE FOR ME. As we are landing our families are frantically moving vehicles so they wont be seen because they are all there to surprise me.)  I go to get out of the plane, I am staring directly at the ground and totally do NOT even see a 12 FOOT BANNER that says “TARA RENEE, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” being held by both of our immediate families.    ……then I see TYLER down on one knee with a ring in hand asking “Will you marry me?” while Marry YOU by Bruno Mars played.  I say “YES” then followed by “but this was MY surprise for YOU” through happy tears. Needless to say it in fact was A SURPRISE FOR ME NOT BY ME.”

Absolutely perfect!

Thank you so much for sharing ladies!



Love, Romance and, of course, Engagements!

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