Have you ever had a moment in your life where you feel like you were meant to be there – at that very moment….who you are talking to, what you are talking about.  Well, that certainly happened to me a few months ago on a Thursday afternoon talking to Katie on the phone for the first time.  In our conversation, I asked Katie how she and George met and she responded, “Depauw”….my response, “I went to Depauw!”, “No way, what house were you in?”, “I was an Alpha Chi.”, (cue the excitement) “I WAS AN ALPHA CHI!  And George was a Sigma Chi and a waiter at the house!”  To anyone looking on, this may not seem like a big deal but it was to us.  You see, Depauw is it’s own kind of special and it’s almost hard to explain.  It’s a unique community of 2500 students in the middle of a tiny town in Indiana trying to figure it all out together.  Greek life is a fundamental part of Depauw and honestly, it’s because there isn’t anywhere else to live!  As Katie and I talked, our conversation was more about our shared AXO connections, the house and the house’s iconic cook, Anita….I actually don’t think we even talked much about our wedding coverage at all.  Katie and I had a shared history and immediately we knew I was meant to capture her day.

One of the things I have always loved about Depauw is that it is steeped in history and traditions.  While Depauw has a collective history, each of the Greek houses has it’s own as well.  It is common practice for the fraternity men to get jobs as waiters at the sorority houses, serving lunch and dinner.  And as the story goes, George was a waiter at AXO.  That is were their love started and why Depauw will always be their spot.  Their first kiss was even in front of the waiter door, love it!  When I finally got to meet them together on campus, I could instantly see their connection.  Capturing their engagement session at the place and places that were so important to them felt like I was documenting their history.  The history they will share with their future family.  It was an incredibly big job and I was honored to do it.  I cannot wait for their wedding day next June!

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