It is the morning of her wedding and we begin with the elegance of a bride and her gown hung on a mirror. A smile hints at immensity. Marriage is big. Lauren then sits by the window, comfortable, hair and makeup done, no jewelry yet. It’s the intimate moments that ring especial. She reads a handwritten letter from Adam.  Her closest friends are near, and her mom, to lend the biggest congratulations. They help her attend to the dress, fastening buttons and ensuring perfection. Lauren, next to her bridesmaids in navy, shoots royalty from her smile. One radiant beauty surrounded by bold color. Tied into her bouquet are the whites and light pinks of pale roses. Their softness in Lauren’s grip whispers peace to the day. The groom always gets ready faster. Adam is dressed, lounging with those closest to him,  on a sofa, and flashing a smile and fun from his socks.

The church’s windows are the gorgeous stained glass of a Gothic catholic church. Indianapolis’s Sacred Heart, it is named and rightly it brings awe and is just perfect for a wedding ceremony. Guests are seated, Adam waits for Lauren. These are the last moments before the ceremony, angels literally keeping guard as the couple reunites and vows to change the world forever.The couple is wed in tradition and exits at the epic applause of generations in pews. In the front of Lauren and Adam, a doorway opens to heavenly rays.

Onward to a party in a vineyard, The Sycamore at Mallow Run, where we photograph in nature’s bounty of grapes and greenery. The faint of blue under a sun so bright, clouds puffy in excellent white. This is the sky ahead, a wonderful omen for the union begun. Lauren’s veil, like wings of her own, shines translucent in the air. A love has grown and still grows. A sweet playfulness arrives. Tradition is not gone, but extended to the reception of a lifetime. Needless to say this was an emotional day for many reasons, but still celebration resounds and dancing quickly commences. With plates set, food out for snacking, the room fills with guests ready to feast and toast, and as the sun sets over the vines outside, a ball of glowing orange acts as a reminder to cherish each moment. Coming to a close, safely sheltered by the height of exposed beams and the sacredness of hearts bonded.

Biggest love to you, Lauren and Adam. Truly, only the best.


Vendor Team:

Planner: JScot Reid

Venue: Sycamore at Mallow Run

Catering: Sweet & Savory

Rings: Diamonds Direct

Hair/Makeup: E.L.O. Beauty

Floral: Coby Palmer

Dress: Blue House Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Vow to be Chic

Video: ME Productions



Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | The Sycamore at Mallow Run | Lauren & Adam | Vow & Forever

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