You have planned your wedding and everything is in place. Dresses and suits have been purchased, altered, and cleaned. The cake has been made, the food has been chosen, and the day has arrived. A live band is doing a sound check, ready to begin playing for the reception and all your favorite people are sitting in one room together, waiting for you.

The groomsmen and bridesmaids have made their way down the aisle and now it’s time for your four-year old niece and three-year old cousin to walk down. It’s almost your turn. So you’re standing behind a door and your flower girl niece walks out into the aisle. But about half way down, she realizes everyone is looking at her and she freezes in place. The ring bearer stops, too, and takes her hand, and they finish the walk together.

There are moments in every wedding that cannot be planned, and should not be planned. These are the moments that make your wedding special. These are the moments you will talk about for the rest of your life. When your dad gives you an extra kiss on the cheek and a tear rolls down his face. When you’re cutting the cake and your groom smashes his piece into your face. When you sneak up behind your groom to grab a surprise hug and he quickly spins around and lifts you off the floor (sweeps you off your feet, as he has no doubt been doing since you met). When your grandma and grandpa slow dance right next to you on the dance floor.

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Ryan Woodall Photography The emotions that parents feel watching their child get married must be overwhelming.

Ryan Woodall Photography The cake smash is always a question mark and I love it when it happens.

Ryan Woodall Photography The daughter of the groom just wanted a better view to watch her dad and soon to be step-mom. So precious.

Capturing the Moments You Can’t Plan

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