Every business owner will tell you that referrals are the best kind of business. The client has a sense of trust before they meet you since someone put their name on the line by recommending you. This is especially true with Maddie & Josh. Josh is the brother of one of the venue coordinators that we have worked with and gotten to know over the years. So when Josh reached out and told me how he found us it was humbling. The story of how we met his wonderful sister, Grace, is actually quite funny. Essentially, she stepped in as the model for a styled shoot we did at the venue she was working at back then. She rocked it and we’ve been friends ever since. That brings us back to Maddie & Josh who were a blast to photograph. These two are kind hearted, funny, and adorable together.

It took us a while to get this shoot in. I think we rescheduled 3 maybe 4 times mostly due to crap weather but it was so worth the wait. Maddie and Josh are fantastic and so adorable together. Their Columbia Club wedding this fall is going to be awesome and we are so excited to join them for what is sure to be a day filled with emotion and people who are as awesome as they are.


Coxhall Gardens Engagement | Maddie & Josh

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