The stress that forms while planning a wedding can make some couples wonder if the entire thing is worth it – should the number of guests change, or the location? Maybe those final changes to the ceremony shouldn’t have been made, or listening to that one family member’s advice should have been avoided.

Whatever your wedding stress is, it’s more important than ever to remember the reason you’ve decided to marry the person you’re with. Staying connected during the planning process can be difficult, but it is possible – especially if you follow these tips.

Don’t Stop Dating

This rule will carry on far into your married life, but throughout your wedding process, don’t stop dating your partner. Go to the movies. Get coffee from your favorite café. Get dressed up and go out on the town – whatever it is that the two of you do, do it! Don’t let the wedding bog down on your fun time, and don’t forget to take time to remind yourself why you’ve chosen to marry this person.

Have Equal Say in Planning

Try not to over burden one partner over the other with tasks. As hard as it can be, don’t delegate every task in planning your wedding just to the more “organized” partner, or the more “creative” partner. As much as possible, try and keep things balanced. Even if you aren’t the more creative one, try and find ways to contribute to those elements of planning – your wedding, and the planning of that day, are both partnerships. It’s important to try and keep things as equal as possible.

Take Engagement Photos

Not only are engagement photos a fun way to take a break from the stress of planning, but they’re also a one or two hour recreation of your love for each other. You get dressed up, and basically fawn all over your partner. You’ll snuggle up in the location of your choice, you’ll share memories of your favorite times together. It’s essentially a mini reminder of why you love this person so much – and it’s all in the name of your wedding day.

Plan Wedding Talk Time

This works in two ways – schedule time for when you’re talking about the wedding, but also for when you want there to be no wedding talk. Maybe you only want to discuss wedding planning on weekends, or only after dinner. Agree on it! Maybe you can’t talk about bouquets, linens, or play lists before coffee. Talk about that, too. Having designated “talk” times will help keep your wedding planning in line, and your relationship on a happy place.

De-Stress as a Couple

Whatever form of relaxation you choose, try it out together. A weekend of couples massages? A relaxing afternoon out on the lake? An evening of cocktails at your favorite bar? Pick ways that you can blow off steam together – especially if they’re tried and true ways that you and your partner have had fun together.

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Five Tips for Staying Connected During the Planning Process

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