A few years back we went through a re-branding. During that process the decision was made to not only change the colors, logo, look/feel of the company but also the name. The name that stood out was what you see today with Vow & Forever. The forever part in particular resonated since the photos that we take are not temporary. Their purpose is to give people a meaningful way to go back and recall the emotions but more importantly the relationships that have endured over time. These relationships mold who we are. We have been so blessed to maintain relationships with so many of our clients and continued to document their growing families. One such couple is Joel and Andrea Clausen. The got married in October of 2014 and started their journey of adding to their family a few years later and had a little boy and named him Levi. After a while they decided to give Levi a sibling. Enter Bryce Clausen. Bryce was born with a rare disease called Krabbe. Krabbe flat out sucks and the problem with it is that once the symptoms arrive the damage has been done. It’s devastating.

There are times in life where it takes someone getting kicked in the teeth before something changes. Such is the case with the Clausen family. They got dealt a crappy hand. There are two ways to handle such a situation. You can let it control you or you can take control and fight back. Fighting back is exactly what they did. They knew there wasn’t much they could do to help Bryce but what they could, and did, do was to do everything in their power to help other families find out about Krabbe before the symptoms arrive with a newborn screening.  A screening that costs roughly $3.60. That’s how much it costs for families to not have to go through what they did. So, how do you add a newborn screening to Indiana families? Through legislation. In record time of 2 months,  Bryce’s Bill was passed unanimously. How often is ANYTHING passed unanimously?  Through Bryce, the piece that is missing from Joel, Andrea, and Levi other Hoosier babies will be saved. Joel said it really the only way that it can be stated when he said “turn in a negative into a positive”.

God’s plan is and always will be a mystery. Trying to figure it out will drive you to insanity. At times even blessings come in ways that don’t make sense. On April 5th, 2019 Bryce moved on from his earthly home while the family was in Florida checking off experiences on their bucket list. In such a short time he did so much and he’s not done. While the family was in the beginning stages of this process they were in a room at St. Vincents and the room they were in was drab, clinical, and overall not like other themed rooms that are much more tolerable for little kids. If you are so inclined to help decorate that exact room there is a way to get that room made up so that kids can be a little more comfortable while in a hospital. The link below will take you to where you can help.

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Bryce my man, fly high with your wings and the families that will be saved from your efforts are applauding and they don’t even know it.

More Than Just A Name

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