What happens when two people get married?  A lot of things actually but one of thing that stands out and is the creation of a new family. This is where it starts. Kind of like when a seed falls off a flower and over time with care and effort a new beginning arises. A marriage takes place and sometimes children follow a few years down the road. Life takes place and there are times when the ones closest to you are not by your side for important moments. It’s a reality that Romie & Cody have in common and makes this wedding that much more emotional. They are connected in that way along with many others. Their Sycamore At Mallow Run wedding was attended by more than those that were physically there. These lovely people are now more intertwined than before. It is for these reasons that serves as a reminder that we aren’t just taking photos but taking snapshots of moments that with the proper care, like a seed, will be loved and grow over time. Romie and Cody, we are so excited for what God has planned for your futures and thank you for the honor of joining you on your wedding day. Cheers!

Venue: Sycamore At Mallow Run

Floral: Eufloric Events

Bridal Gown: Marie Gabriel Couture

Entertainment: DJ Connection

Catering: Sweet & Savory



Romie & Cody: Sycamore At Mallow Run Wedding

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