People often say that someone they have met or know is the nicest person in the world. Well, no BS here but Jim Cerone personifies that statement. When you talk to Jim it becomes clear in a very short period of time why he has been able to sustain longevity in an industry that sees people come and go on a constant basis. You can tell that he genuinely loves his job and takes the role of entertaining so who better to talk to on advice for couples looking to hire their dj. Below are some tips on how to go about choosing the person who will navigate the task of entertaining your guests.

Everyone wants their wedding day to be remembered; for all the right reasons. There are many pieces of the puzzle and they must all work together to form a beautiful, complete picture at the end. Like so many other “wedding” things, this is your choice. If done well, it can make the overall event sparkle and shine with festivity. Before interviewing DJ’s, decide, as a couple, what sort of mood you’d like to set for the evening. Asking yourselves “What do we want our guests to say at the end of the night?” If you close your eyes and envision the end of the night, what does it look like? Do you want soft romance? Or do you want a raucous party? A good DJ will not only ask for this vision, but help you create it all evening long.

Please keep in mind the size of the puzzle piece, as well. The food is important, but it is only a portion of the evening. The flowers are crucial at the ceremony, but only seen in the periphery at the reception. The photographers job is to remain as “hidden” inside the action as possible, not on the main stage. But the master of ceremonies? It sets a mood that will last all evening long.  Your reception is you hosting a party; even better, a party with all your closest friends and family. As a result, it needs to accommodate a wide range of ages and tastes. It may seem impossible, but it needs to cater to the best of all their differences. A good DJ will know how to do that. Not to put too fine of a point on it, but think of it this way: At an average wedding, a DJ will talk to 50 people, setup 17 events, and manage 250 people for 5-6 hours. That’s a great deal of wrangling. It takes people skills and good time management. As a result, experience matters. Which is why the decision comes down to the end result and not just price. Your DJ will have a massive impact on your wedding and can make or break the evening. So it’s worth taking time to plan and choose the correct person (or team) for the job.

We know, the job is big. Rest assured, however, we have some help. Once you’ve decided on your overall “feel,” here are some questions to ask as you proactively screen your candidates:

1. Have you worked at my venue before?      

Each venue is unique not only for what is needed for it to sound correctly but down to things you have never thought about like load in time and locations. By no means should it be a requirement that your DJ has worked at the venue but it does add a level of comfort knowing that they  have.


2. Do you have insurance?     

DJ equipment is expensive and can be large. In order for the sound to carry the room the equipment needs to be more than a laptop and a single speaker. It is necessary for your DJ to have insurance to cover any liability should a problem arise with that equipment being damaged.

3. How many weddings have you done?

Like a photographer, being a DJ at a corporate event is not the same as doing it at a wedding. You want someone who has done it before.

4. Do you have any video of you in action?     

Often times if a wedding has a videographer then they will grab some footage of the DJ in action and obviously the dance floor throughout the night. It’s always nice to see what a night is like with that person at the helm.

At the end of your celebration – what you want is to say that you both thoroughly enjoyed your reception, stress free, and your friends and family said they had a great time.


Wedding Planning 101: Hiring an Indianapolis DJ

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