Your wedding day is an exquisite culmination of all that you are: as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. It is this blending of stories & souls that makes this time so intimate, enduring, and forever worth cherishing.
We vow to guide you through this journey with heart, to give you the undivided attention you deserve, and to spoil you with images that make it all look effortless. We genuinely feel privileged to be chosen by each of our clients and because of that we LOVE working with each of them to create those bright and airy as well as the moody and artistic shots to tell the story of their wedding.  
Our mission is to not only document your day but to give you a book that will allow you to relive your story whenever you want. Our Italian hand crafted books are customized to your needs, timeless, and will be your first family heirloom. Learn more about our albums


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ryan woodall

I am a father to two amazing young boys, husband to a great wife, and I freaking love taking pictures at weddings. I'm an aspiring minimalist who doesn't like clutter and with 2 young boys it's a battle I often lose. I try to be a green enthusiast. (The three RE's are important.) Self deprecating humor is my jam. I'm a sports fan and particularly of the Hoosiers, Colts, and the Pacers and in that order, sometimes. I love music so Apple Music has to be one of my favorite things ever.

brooke frost

Originally from Northern Michigan where my mini-me, Faye, and husband Cory visit as often as possible. When not on those lovely sandy shores we are with family and friends, a lot, like multiple times a week and love it. Our pup, Doc, loves a good car ride and I love having him with me just as much as he loves to stick his head out the window. 

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